From Exploration to Imagination 5 Movies to kids

From Exploration to Imagination 5 Moives to kids
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These 5 Exploration to Imagination movies showcase a wide range of genres, from adventure to drama, and even family-oriented comedies. “Pioneer” takes us on a journey of exploration and discovery deep beneath the ocean. “A Tale of Lost Times” is a classic film that tells a heartfelt story of love and loss set against the backdrop of ancient China. “Mr. Popper’s Penguins” is a fun-filled family comedy that follows the life of a businessman who unexpectedly inherits a group of penguins and has to navigate his new role as a penguin parent. Each film brings a unique and exciting story to the screen, making for an entertaining and diverse viewing experience.

Pioneer (2013)

Thriller, Drama, Action, Suspense

Mishka and his faithful friend Dimka are schoolchildren. They are preparing to celebrate the birthday of the pioneer organization. While fishing, Mishka falls into the river, but he is saved by a stray dog, with whom the guys become very good friends. Suddenly, the dog gets to the furrier, and only the help of friends can save her from inevitable death. Mishka and Dimka face a difficult choice – participation in a pioneer holiday or rescuing a dog.

A Tale of Lost Times (1964)

 Adventure, Drama, Romance, Historical

Four evil wizards decided to regain their youth. But for this they needed to find people who were wasting their time. Luck smiled at them in the face of four careless schoolchildren. Because of witchcraft, schoolchildren have grown old, and wizards have turned into children. But the transformed ones had a chance – before sunset they had to find the hut of wizards and turn the hands of the magic clock back …

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2015)

Science, Fantasy, Action-adventure

Aldabra Island is a coral atoll lost in the Indian Ocean. In the past, they tried to settle it, but now it is uninhabited, and its unique ecosystem lives without fear of people. Most of all, Aldabra is notable for its huge population of rare giant tortoises, but hundreds of species of tropical amphibians, arthropods, fish and birds live on and around it. How do they get along? How do they divide the place in the water and under the sun? A documentary about Aldabra talks about this.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins (2011)

Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Animal

A businessman’s life changes dramatically after he inherits six penguins. He transforms his apartment into a winter wonderland, abandoning all his professional duties at work.

Christmas Story (2007)

Children’s film, Fantasy, Drama

The story of the old miser Ebenezer Scrooge, who was skeptical about the mysterious phenomena of Christmas. But on the eve of the holiday, spirits come to him, denouncing the miserable existence and the lost opportunities of Scrooge.

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