Sci-Fi Blockbuster Films to Anticipate in 2023

Sci-Fi Blockbuster Films
Beyond the Future: Sci-Fi Blockbuster Films to Anticipate in 2023

Prepare for a thrilling and diverse lineup of Sci-Fi Blockbuster Films to hit the theaters in 2023. Kraven the Hunter, based on the exciting world of Marvel comics, promises to be an action-packed adventure. Another movie set to scare audiences is the new installment of The Exorcist. Dune: Part Two will continue the epic sci-fi journey that began in 2021, while The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes will take us back to the world of Panem. And last but not least, Wonka will offer a fresh take on the beloved character from the classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Get ready for an exciting year of Blockbuster Movies in 2023.

Kraven the Hunter (2023)

Action, Adventure, Fantasy

The DC-related, but independent Sony Universe also has a new member. Venom, Spider-Man, Morbius and company will now face Kraven, played by Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Russell Crowe and Ariana DeBose are also on the project.

The Exorcist (2023)

Horror, Supernatural

Don’t worry, we weren’t wrong with 1973. It turns out that someone very smart (or rich) in Hollywood has looked back and has looked for the petoncio that still has no sequel. It didn’t take long for him to find this horror classic and, voila . Of the original cast, only Ellen Burstyn repeats, and that is that 50 years are many.

Dune: Part Two (2023)

Science fiction, Adventure, Drama

The first part of Dune was very powerful and applauded, but the truth is that it was nothing more than a presentation of the story. With the characters of almost all the flowery cast of the first part killed, now we have to really get down to business with Timothée Chalamat and a Zendaya who will increase her screen time. Florence Pugh is the great addition to the cast of this Dune: Part 2 that promises to raise the level.

The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes 

Thriller, Science fiction, War story

Prequel to The Hunger Games centered on the character of Cornelius Snow and his forbidden love story with one of the tributes from District 12. The cast includes Rachel Zegler, Tom Blyth, Hunter Schafer and Jason Schwartzman.

Wonka (2023) 

Comedy, Musical, Adventure

Timothée Chalamet accepts in capital letters that he is the Johnny Depp of his generation and, beyond dressing up as the son of Edward Scissorhands for the Superbowl , he puts himself in the shoes of Wonka for this prequel about the youth of the chocolatier.

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