5 Effortless Films to Help You Forget About Everything

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5 Effortless Films to Help You Forget About Everything
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From loud comedies to heartwarming dramas, the world of cinema is full of stories that explore the many facts of human experience. In this collection of 5 Effortless Films to Help You Forget About Everything, we delve into a range of genres and themes, from the hilarious antics of a group of misfit drug smugglers in “We are the Millers” (2013) to the complexities of modern relationships in “Real Love” (2003) and the insights into male bonding in “What Men Talk About” (2010).

In “What Men Talk About,” we follow a group of men on a road trip, exploring the intricacies of male friendship and the struggles that come with adulthood. Meanwhile, in “Real Love,” we witness the power of love to heal wounds and bring people together, no matter the obstacles they may face. And in “We are the Millers,” we are taken on a wild ride as a motley crew of smugglers embarks on a dangerous mission across the border.

Whether you’re in the mood for a good laugh or a thoughtful exploration of the human condition, this collection of movies has something for everyone. So sit back, relax, and let these films take you on a journey you won’t soon forget.

What Men Talk About (2010)

Comedy, Drama

What Men Talk About? Of course, about women. And also about work, money, cars and football… But mostly about women. And if they have two days ahead of them, which they will spend on the road, then you can be sure that during this time they will have time to discuss a lot of topics. This movie can be watched endlessly.

Real Love (2003)

Romance, Drama

Love truly rules everything and everyone around – from the prime minister who fell in love with his assistant, and the writer who fled to France to patch up his broken heart. The film has many storylines that are very interesting to watch. And how many famous actors gathered here! 

One/One (2011)

Drama, Sport

The directors and actors of this film managed to create a life-affirming, witty, funny and charming picture. The mixture of drama and comedy in the story of two dissimilar as white and black friends turned out to be almost perfect.

Castor and Pollux (2009)

Drama, Sport

A very good family movie. Jane owns a bakery, has a new romance and a divorce behind her back. She considers her life predictable…until her ex-husband Jake decides to win her back no matter what.

We are the Millers (2013)

Comedy, Crime

There are plenty of good jokes in this movie. David tries to help teenagers in trouble, but hooligans attack him and take away everything that he had with him. The hero finds himself in a desperate situation. To get out of trouble, the guy has to find a fictitious family and go on an exciting journey with her.

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