Three cinematic meditation movies on love, death, and desire

Three Cinematic Meditations Movies on Love, Death, and Desire
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The art of film has long been a platform for exploring the complexities of human relationships and the mysteries of the human psyche here are 3 Cinematic Meditations Movies. Few filmmakers have explored these themes as deeply and creatively as David Cronenberg, Yorgos Lanthimos, and Apichatpong Weerasethakun. Three of their most striking works – “Crash,” “The Lobster,” and “Cemetery of Splendor”. TheseMovies offer unique perspectives on the human experience and challenge. Our perceptions of identity, love, and mortality. Through their use of unconventional storytelling techniques, surreal imagery, and thought-provoking symbolism, these films invite us to ponder the most profound questions of existence. However We explore the worlds of “Crash,” “The Lobster,” and “Cemetery of Splendor,”. Discover the profound insights they offer into the human condition.

Crash (1996)

Erotica, Drama, Thriller

Cronenberg of his wild period is an important film of the 90s about the relationship of trauma, danger and sexual pleasure based on the novel by James Ballard. The film producer hero, whom Cronenberg gave the name of the author of the book. Gets into an accident with a fatal outcome for the passenger of another car. And the girl driver who is stuck in an accident suddenly shows her breasts to Ballard.

This sudden event intrigues him incredibly: he has long been married to a successful facade marriage. The most interesting thing in which is the discussion with his wife of their mutual betrayals. So After the accident, Ballard learns about the extreme driving community. Although Whose sex life is built around planning deliberate car accidents. Gradually, he frees himself from the dramatic interpretation of his own and someone else’s death and stereotypical ideas about pleasure: meetings with regular fetishists are generally incompatible with security rules.

The Lobster (2015)

Comedy, Romance, Thriller, Fantasy

In the near future, those who are not ready to find a soul mate and make a socially approved union with her will be sent to a 45-day sanatorium vacation in one of the expensive hotels. Then You can meet new people there, attempt a fresh start, or pick an animal of your choice and, at your own risk, reincarnate as it after 45 days. Some people decide to end their lives as lobsters, while others wish to become deer. So he Confused divorcee David – soft-bodied, slightly depressed and a little sentimental – checks into a sanatorium, seemingly ready to search for a second half. But the mechanical conditions of containment. And then Coexistence will force him to hide and look for a mate among giant provincial shopping centers, forest thickets with anarchists and deserted cities where nothing happens.

Greek director Yorgos Lanthimos, who has seen enough the best anti-utopias in his life. The parable of loneliness, under no bright future, will be considered the norm. You will be forced to look for flaws in yourself, communicate with rogues, gain faith in yourself only by relying on another, and think that loneliness is a disease that needs to be quickly found a cure.

Cemetery of Splendor (2015)

Fantasy, Drama

A meditative Thai film about dormant soldiers taking part in an invisible war. Lame Jen, an elderly and caring woman, works as a nurse in a mysterious hospital for dormant military forces. Although The hospital is located in a small town on the banks of the Mekong. Where dozens of soldiers recuperate under multi-colored artificial lighting in beds with mosquito nets that resemble cocoons. One of the soldiers, Itt, interests Jen more than the others – she especially cares about him, talks to him. When he suddenly wakes up, reads books to him during his sleep and makes sure that he wakes up rested. The hospital’s troops are said to have taken part in the War of the Ancient Kings, giving their power and vitality to previous wars and military confrontations.

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