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A Comedic Journey Through Time and Space
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Get ready for a wild and hilarious ride through the ages with this selection of Top Comedy movies. From the colorful extraterrestrial hijinks of “Earth Girls Are Easy,” to the zany slapstick humor of “The Naked Gun” series, to the irreverent satire of “Monty Python: Life of Brian,” these films are sure to have you laughing out loud. So buckle up and prepare for a journey through time and space that is as ridiculous as it is unforgettable.

Earth Girls Are Easy (1988)

The author of reference documentaries about Glastonbury, Joe Strummer and the Sex Pistols is himself from the British underground, but has made several unexpected appearances in the open field. “Earth Girls Are Easy” is his unpretentious space rom-com with the colors of “Teletubbies” and the mood of the films “Mystery Pizza” and “Cocktail”. The spaceship lands in Hollywood, where a manicurist who has broken up with a boyfriend lives in a house with a swimming pool. She hosts furry alien guests—wild but easily trained, and who pick up tunes and images from commercials, radio, and posters on the fly.

By shaving three aliens of different colors, the main character and her girlfriend get the perfect men who know how to have fun. Temple’s film in the “it happens too” category is the perfect weekend comedy that does not require anything from the audience, except for the boundless love of the 80s. Silly, tender and flowery – and what else could be a film invented according to the text of one song. This and Barbarella , and at the same time Rocky Horror of the 80s, is an unstoppable film that exists in only one copy.

Three Parts of The Naked Gun (1988–1994)

“Hot Shots” , “Airplane!” and  “Top Secret” – the world of two Zuckers and one Abrahams became native in the late USSR era of video distribution. Leslie Nielsen, erasing Gorbachev’s birthmark from his forehead, with the remark “I knew!” hummed through the VCRs at the same time as The Terminator, and explained the vast and strange world of the end of the Cold War through jokes about sex, imminent nuclear war, and the dim-witted lieutenant Frank Drebin, who could prevent the end of the world. The trilogy based on 1980s police detective stories is not just a delightful child of its time, but a movie that remains refreshing as it transitions into the retro category: no more jokes about children from other fathers, seductive secretaries and politicians at summits – and if they are jokes , it turns out embarrassingly bad.

There is Elvis Presley’s daughter and O.J. Simpson in a comedy role, jokes about a baseball game and the Blue Oyster bar, the eschatological horror of the red button and the eternal plot of the idiot who effortlessly saves the human species from extinction. The Zuckers and the Abrahams crammed Queen Elizabeth, the Tenors, the Oscars and Nelson Mandela into one story, like they used to mix disco with a plane crash, and 9 ½ Weeks with Charlie Sheen – and it’s ridiculous, funny, reckless, crazy and magical.

Monty Python: Life of Brian (1979)

Brian was destined to become another prophet in Judea at the time of Christ – on the forbidden night, three wise men made a mistake with the door and instead of the mother of Jesus, they came to congratulate a completely different mother. Growing up Brian 33 years later lives in a corrupt Roman colony, where every day in the markets and squares, preaching rabid locals from the Romans. During the day, he sells jaguar kidneys and fried cougar nipples to the Colosseum public as snacks and meets a terrorist resistance group. In an hour and a half of the film, Brian will have time to meet Roman patricians and aliens, seduce the perfect girl and become a sudden object of popular worship.

The funniest (okay, this is a controversial statement) and definitely the most blasphemous film by the British comedy group Monty Python is made according to the patterns of the Flying Circus, but this time he jokes about the forbidden in a much larger dosage. The “Yes, we are all individuals” dialogue is still the best thing to look at about the nature of the crowd and idolatry. We owe the on-screen madness of the brave to the Beatles’ George Harrison, who mortgaged his own house early in his solo career to see the film on screen, without a doubt one of the greatest production feats in film history.

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