Exploring Love and Identity in Movies

love and identity in movies
Exploring Love and Identity in Movies

Love and identity movies are two fundamental aspects of the human experience, and cinema has often explored. These themes with depth and complexity. Three films that delve into these themes with particular insight and nuance. Are “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “Ruby Sparks”, and “Blue Is the Warmest Colour”. Each of these movies offers a unique perspective on love and identity, tackling complex issues such as memory, creativity, sexuality, and personal growth.

From the surreal world of erased memories to the whimsical world of a writer’s imagination, to the raw and intense portrayal of a lesbian romance, these films offer powerful and thought-provoking narratives that have resonated with audiences worldwide. In this article, we will take a closer look at these cinematic gems and examine how they explore the intricate and often challenging intersections between love and identity. Join us on a journey through these captivating films that showcase the transformative power of human relationships.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)

Romance, Drama, Science fiction

Why do we constantly fall in love with the wrong people and want to remake them? And why, when we have a chance to play it all over again, do we prefer to repeat unpleasant mistakes? Michel Gondry during the filming of the film broke up with his girlfriend and collected with Charlie Kaufman a melancholy story. The doomed love of Joel and Clementine, who are confused and not very happy separately. Every winter, Joel begins to live in groundhog day and suffers from years of anhedonia. Clementine is an art store clerk who doesn’t read much, but is adventurous, adventurous and loves to live in the moment.

They will like each other and be happy for a while, and then they will be disappointed in the relationship. This is not the first time. A surreal story about broken and self-weary people who seek solace in co-dependent relationships, collected by Gondry and Kaufman not only through misanthropic dialogues. But also through the separate worlds of the main characters, which are collapsing before our eyes. Only lovers survive, and even then not all – but those who can hear and accept the other.

Ruby Sparks (2012)

Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Your girlfriend is a monster if you carved her from your own rib and created her in your own likeness. The surrealist melodrama from the creators of Little Miss Sunshine deals. The difficult topic of relationship manipulation and the masculine view of a woman. The protagonist – a young and promising writer with a fear of failure – under the guidance of a therapist. Takes on a short story about a girl very attractive to him and is so carried away by the idea that the next morning. The heroine of flesh and blood already lives in his house and is madly in love with him. “Ruby Sparks” is a revived myth about Pygmalion and Galatea. Where before a happy ending, both heroes will have time to harm each other and ruin relationships more than once.

Our loved ones die when they become projections of expectation and annoyance. nd the story of pretty Ruby Sparks tiring her partner is power relations hyperbole, where one endlessly decides for the other. It’s also one of the most interesting films about writer-character relationships and a fictional world quickly replacing predictable reality.

Blue Is the Warmest Colour (2013)

Romance, Melodrama, Drama

A three-hour film about the growing up of a simple girl Adele, who fell in love with the bohemian Emma. While Adele eats pasta in her parents’ kitchen and thinks about working as an elementary school teacher. The older and confident Emma makes her way into the art world, gets what she wants and communicates with influential people. Their attraction, quick and completely unexpected for Adele, breaks the usual picture of the world, changes sexuality and goals in life, but passion is replaced by indifference. The excitement from the first meetings is replaced by fatigue and awareness of differences. Keshish, peering at the main character, does not give her a single exhaustive description for three hours – during all this time, Adele, in love with an artist with blue hair, will slip away, try to match, look for herself and continue to be confused, despite a strong feeling.

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