Autumn Romance: A Collection of Heartwarming Tales

Autumn Romance: A Collection of Heartwarming Tales
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Celebrating the Beauty of Autumn: A Collection of Heartwarming Stories captures the essence of the season romance through three films. “Late Autumn” directed by Kim Tae-young, “Sweet November” directed by Pat O’Connor and “Last September”, directed by Deborah Warner, 1999, France, UK, Ireland. These films showcase the unique perspectives of different cultures and bring to life the warmth and romance of the autumn season. Join us as we delve into the autumnal journey of two love stories that are sure to warm your heart.

Late Autumn (2010)

Drama, Romance

What brought together a Chinese woman serving time for the murder of her husband and a Korean immigrant hiding from justice and creditors? Of course, this is the love that happened in Seattle in the fall. When Anna was released on bail for her mother’s funeral. These 72 hours of happiness change the whole life of lovers. The film tells about the fact that it is never too late to start all over again, although the heroes never manage to take this difficult step. So, A bright, romantic and poignant film is not at all like ordinary melodramas. After it remains an aftertaste of autumn tenderness …

Sweet November (2001)

Drama, Romance

And for dessert – the most luxurious film in Hollywood with a very autumnal mood. A rich and boring careerist will have to spend the whole month in the company of an unusual, bright and eccentric girl who changes his worldview. And teaches him to enjoy every moment he lives . Within a month, Nelson, played by Keanu Reeves, lives a lifetime and falls in love with Sarah, played brilliantly by Charlize Theron. He fell in love with her, not knowing that she had very little time left to live … If you want to do a general cleaning of your inner world and believe in love, “Sweet November” is for you!

Enjoy quiet evenings and good films, let bright events and changes take place in your life only for the better. How not to love autumn? After all, this time of the year is given to us so that we enjoy the beauty of the world and especially keenly feel the taste for life.

Last September (1999)

Drama, Romance, War

In the list of films about autumn and love, this one is far from the last. The action takes place at the beginning of the 20th century in Southern Ireland, at the time when the decline of British rule began. The Irish War of Independence also affected the estates of the Irish aristocrats of the Naylors. But everything changes after the Naylors’ niece and a British soldier fall in love. What will win – love or patriotic duty? In the meantime, lovers are enjoying the September romance and are unaware of what they have to go through …

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