Intellectual Comedies: 7 Movies by Woody Allen

Intellectual Comedies: 7 Movies by Woody Allen
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From romantic intellectual comedies to dramatic explorations of love and relationships. These films offer a diverse range of perspectives on the complexities of the human heart. “Wheel of Wonder” from 2017 is a magical tale of adventure and self-discovery. “Blue Jasmine” from 2013 is a poignant character study of a woman in the aftermath of her fall from grace. “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” from 2008 is a romantic comedy that explores the lives of two American women as they navigate love and relationships in Spain.

“Match Point” from 2005 is a tense drama that delves into the dangerous intersections of love, wealth, and ambition. “Manhattan” from 1979 is a poignant meditation on love and the search for meaning in life. “Annie Hall” from 1977 is a classic romantic comedy that explores the ups and downs of love and relationships. “Love and Death” from 1975 is a satirical take on the themes of love, death, and war. These intellectual comedies offer a range of emotions and experiences and are sure to leave a lasting impression on all those who watch them.

 Wonder Wheel (2017)


In the center of the plot is a married couple Ginny and Humpty. He is a fat alcoholic in a string who walks around the house in an untidy T-shirt and loves to go fishing with friends. She is a failed actress working as a waitress in a diner. Her creative nature seeks and requires vivid sensations, as a result of which she cheats on her husband. She is forty, she lies to her lover that she is 35, and she knows that this is her last attempt, because life will change either now or never. However, the desired changes come from nowhere. On one of the usual days, the adult daughter of Humpty, who was pursuing by gangsters, appears on the doorstep of the house and literally turns everything upside down.

Blue Jasmine (2013)

Comedy, Drama, Dark Comedy

A dramatic story of a rich, spoiled party and the idle life of a woman who got into the real world. Their Wife Jasmine, a multimillionaire, and successful businessman, was imprisoned on charges of fraud. The family’s property froze, which is why they forced Jasmine to move in with her half-sister and get a job, like all ordinary people. 

Vicky Cristina Barcelona ​(2008)

Romance, Comedy, Romantic Drama

Two young American women, Vicki and Cristina, spend their summer holidays in Barcelona and completely fascinated by this city, as well as by a young artist named Antonio. Vicki is old-fashioned and committed to a serious relationship. Christina is liberated, uninhibited, and attractive in her rebellious essence. Antonio cannot decide, he is attracted to both girls. Relationships in the love triangle become more and more complicated, and here Antonio’s ex-wife, who has a very explosive temperament, comes into play.

Match Point (2005)

Sports, Crime Film, Psychological thriller

The once famous tennis player Chris is going through hard times. It is necessary to somehow settle in life, and then, to his own misfortune, he meets Nola, a typical femme fatale, from whom nothing but trouble should one expect. Chris becomes obsessed with her from the first meeting. But Nola is a simple unemployed actress and, moreover, his friend’s fiancee.

Manhattan (1979)

Romantic Comedy, Comedy Drama

Wanting to quit his disgusting job and the usual circle of acquaintances, a television screenwriter starts an affair with his friend’s mistress. And again it turns out to be in a vicious circle of lies, hypocrisy, and idle talk. Perhaps it is worth changing not women, conditions, and circumstances, but yourself?

According to a number of critics and viewers, “Manhattan” is the director’s best film, although Woody himself considers it his worst work. We encourage you to take a look and form your own opinion! It is one of the best intellectual comedies of all time.

Annie Hall (1977)

Romantic Comedy, Drama

Stand-up comedian Alvy Singer analyzes the relationship he had with singer Annie Hall. He talks about his life with humor and irony and skeptically analyzes the failures in his personal life. His storytelling mixes surreal fantasies with little moments of emotional drama…

Love and Death (1975)

Comedy , War

The last one on our list, but the first according to viewers and critics. The plot of the film parodies Russian epic novels and their numerous adaptations. A young nobleman from the provinces is trying to avoid drafting into the war with Napoleon. He has endless “intelligent” conversations with his cousin. Politics, philosophy, and war – these high matters became the subject of an endless firework of irony and humor. Must-see!

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