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Get ready to scream and shudder with this selection of horror films, featuring some of the most terrifying and iconic movies of all time. From Stanley Kubrick’s chilling masterpiece “The Shining” to the slasher classic “Friday the 13th,” and the gruesome and twisted plot of “Saw,” these films will have you on the edge of your seat. Meanwhile, the French film “Martyrs” takes the genre to a new level of brutality, and the Japanese horror “Audition” will have you questioning every sound and shadow in the room. Brace yourself for these bone Chilling tales of terror that will haunt your nightmares for days to come by classic Terrifying movies.

The Shining (1980)  

Psychological horror, Mystery, Horror

Stephen King brought to the big screen by Kubrick. We could end it here, but in case you’ve never seen The Shining – really? fix it right away. It will be the damned atmosphere of the Overlook Hotel. It will be the frightening characters who inhabit it will be the skill of Jack Nicholson in the role of his crazy protagonist or that of Shelley Duvall in the role of his unfortunate wife the fact is that The Shining has entered the culture of mass with its imaginary.

There isn’t a Halloween where we don’t see someone dressed as the twin girls or as Jack Torrance, but especially if we say. The morning has gold in its mouth” we all know what we’re talking about. In a nutshell, a hotel hires a writer as a winter watchman, and he moves there with his wife and son. His innate extra-sensory qualities will let him know the dark past of the hotel until they overwhelm him.

Friday the 13th (1980)

Slasher, Cult film, Mystery

The first chapter of a long horror saga, Friday the 13th is another genre masterpiece. Horror cinema fans remember the story of the Crystal Lake Summer Camp massacre for introducing. The terrifying ‘fear’ mask of Jason Voorhees. A character whose face is concealed behind a classic hockey mask. He will be the one to kill a series of kids. Who are in the camping to spend the summer time. Other ‘sui generis monsters’ often kill to satisfy their thirst for violence, but Jason’s actions can be traced back to his past and specifically connected to the vacation spot.

Saw (2004)

Psychological thriller, Splatter, Indie film

James Wan is a genre master: The Conjuring  1 and 2,  Insidious  Dead Silence  are just some of his films (in addition to the excellent  Fast & Furious 7 ). James Wan’s directorial debut, Saw, demonstrates his storytelling brilliance in the horror genre by utilizing a simple cinematic cliche. Two men wake up in a grimy bathroom , each tied up on opposite sides of the room. Between them lies a corpse.  An unknown voice creeps between the walls of the narrow prison revealing to the two a series of clues that will pit them against each other in a series of tests with no way out. Simple, ingenious and distressing,  Saw – The Riddler  is  one of the best horror films of the 2000s.


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