Top Five 2022’s Must-Watch Movies

Must-Watch Movies
Top Five 2022’s Must-Watch Movies

In 2022, a new wave of exciting and thought-provoking Must-Watch Movies hit the screen, aiming to captivate audiences worldwide. These movies, including “Today We Fix the World”, “Black Crab”, “Stroke of Luck”, “All Hail”, and “Battle: Freestyle”, showcase the power of cinema to entertain, inspire, and challenge our perspectives. From tales of heroic battles and unexpected victories to stories of societal issues and technological advancements, these films offer something for everyone. Let’s delve into the world of cinema and explore the exciting possibilities that these movies have in store.

Today We Fix the World (2022) 

Comedy, Drama

An Argentine family comedy is always something to be thankful for and even more so if Leonardo Sbaraglia stars it. Here he embodies a Talk Show presenter, one of those who reunite their guests with family or couples after years without seeing each other. Who is not good at personal ties. The only family he had was his son, only when they discover that it is not his. They will have to look for the “real father” together. Yes, those quotes are what the movie is about.

Black Crab (2022) 

War, Action, Thriller

Swedish film commanded by the always forceful Naomi Rapace (eternal Lisbeth Salander) of pure action and tension. Honoring her nationality and set in a post-apocalyptic future. She tells the story of six soldiers carrying a package that could end the war through frozen and hostile territory. Come on, the perfect weekend plan… To watch from the sofa under the blanket.

Stroke of Luck (2022) 


Jason Segel, Jesse Plemons and the it girl of the house Lily Collins embody the strange trio in this atypical thriller in which a man sneaks into the home of a multi-millionaire couple. The funny thing is that, despite the raid and such. They end up getting along and creating a strange union that will give us several unexpected twists. A somewhat strange but salvageable tape of original characters.

All Hail (2022)

Comedy, Drama

An Argentine comedy is always capable of brightening up your night. Here, in addition, we can see ourselves reflected after spending two weeks of bad weather at the end of March. Starring the great Guillermo Francella ( El clan , El Secreto de sus ojos ), the film tells the story of an important meteorologist who fails to forecast a hailstorm. Generating great national anger against him.

Battle: Freestyle (2022)

Comedy, Drama

A teenage girl is torn between her parents, her love for a handsome boy, and her freestyle dance team. We’ve seen this movie a thousand times under slightly different names. We would never say it’s good, but we always swallow it because. Well, it’s hypnotic to see people dance like you never can. For this reason, this Norwegian film (yes, apparently they dance there too) is a trend on Netflix. Also, you’ll feel better for not having gone out for the umpteenth consecutive weekend. You’re documenting yourself to rock the next one.

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