2022’s unconventional movies that take on relationships

2022's Unconventional Movies
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2022’s brings a refreshing mix of unconventional takes on love and relationships with movies such as “F*ck Love Too,” “Toscana,” “Senior Year,” “Along for the Ride,” and “Mother’s Love.” These movies stray away from conventional love stories, exploring themes of unrequited love, complicated family relationships, and unexpected romances. Whether you are in the mood for a heartwarming family drama or a wild romantic adventure, these movies offer something for everyone. So buckle up and get ready for a wild ride as we explore 2022’s unique take on love and relationships.

F*ck Love Too (2022)

 Romantic, Comedy

When they said that Netflix was going to end up replacing television. We believed it, in part, because of the number of television series that went unnoticed until, on Netflix, they hit a ball. However, we did not see how, lately, Netflix has reigned in products that would not even pass for acceptable TV movies. One of the latest examples is this Dutch romantic comedy about several couples of friends that is also a sequel.

Toscana (2022)

Romance, Comedy drama

Do you know those Nordic films that are shown on La1 on weekends and your grandmother watches? When you ask her why she usually tells you “because of the landscapes” and you think that you would never see something like that. Well, that is precisely what you and the whole world are seeing for having joined Netflix. Swedish film about a Danish chef who travels to Tuscany and, surprise, falls in love with a woman who makes him rethink her attitude towards life.

Senior Year (2022)

 Comedy, Drama

Rebel Wilson has been the queen of teen comedies for so many years that, well, it’s time to give it a spin. Her age doesn’t forgive, but Wilson has managed to get back into her own with this story about a 37-year-old woman who wakes up after twenty years in a coma and must go back to high school. The same one where she was a popular cheerleader. Of course, things have changed and what used to be the popular girl will see how she now finds out little or nothing.

Along for The Ride (2022)

Romance, drama

Emma Pasarow and Belmont Cameli are two gorgeous teenagers who, surprise or surprise, actually have quite a few relationship and social problems. Adaptation of the homonymous novel by Sarah Dessen and directed by Sofia Álvarez. It is another effective adolescent romance with the capacity to line our folders (or populate our wallpaper) for at least a week.

Mother’s Love (2022)

Fiction, Drama

We all know a middle-aged man who doesn’t have or pretends to have a better Valentine’s date than his mother. With Quim Gutiérrez and Carmen Machi, Amor de madre builds its comedy around a boyfriend stuck at the altar who goes on a honeymoon with his spirited mother so as not to lose money. Yes, sometimes you can make comedy out of a nightmare.

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