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In 2022, the world of cinema was treated to a diverse range of Most Intriguing Films that explored the complexities of relationships, privilege, and personal growth. From the romantic comedy “Love Tactics” to the drama of “The Privilege,” viewers were taken on a journey of emotional discovery. “Love and Leashes” explored the bond between humans and their furry companions, while “Big Bug” delved into the surreal world of insect infestations. Meanwhile, “Through My Window” provided a thought-provoking glimpse into the lives of a group of apartment residents. These movies showcased the wide range of human experience and emotion, offering something for every viewer.

Love Tactics (2022)


If you don’t have time for Turkish soap operas or their dramas. Here you can enjoy the best of each house in just 97 minutes. The film Sandra Bullock would have made fifteen years ago if she were Turkish is this film about a pretty fashion blogger and an equally handsome executive who bet they’ll make each other fall in love with her foolproof tactics.

The Privilege (2022)

Horror, Scary 

German TV movie of those that you used to swallow with pleasure on Antena 3. One weekend and now you can enjoy on demand on Netflix. A group of teenagers, high school students are, as always. The only ones who discover a dangerous criminal plot that (in case you were still hungry) leads them to a series of supernatural events. Perfect for those who don’t have time to watch Dark.

Love and Leashes (2022)

Romantic, Comedy

Between The Squid Game , We Are Dead or Parasites, our idea of ​​Korean fiction may be bloody. But the truth is that they have their cheesy pastel version just as developed. They call them, like k-pop, k-dramas, and this rom-com based on a hit webcomic is the latest example.

Big Bug (2022)

Science fiction, Comedy, Adventure

If you are one of those who loves Amelie, you will already know that its director, Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Has released his latest film on Netflix. If you’re one of those who hates it, with ‘Bigbug’ you’ll be able to gloat over the worst work by a director in free fall. In the midst of a rebellion by the machines. A family is imprisoned by their robots to protect them from disaster. Pretend futuristic comedy full of gags with strange robots that, among the millions of Netflix viewers, may find its audience.

Through My Window (2022)

Teen, Romance

The generation of Three Meters Above the Sky is beginning to have to look at travel prices to Turkey and comparisons of the best anti-wrinkle creams in the supermarket. The new generation has Ariana Godoy, the author of the literary phenomenon Through my window that has now exploded on Netflix. A whole guilty pleasure for adolescent souls full of beautiful people

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