3 Movies Based on True Stories

True Stories
3 Movies Based on True Stories

These three films that based on true stories, “King Richard,” “Spencer,” and “Belfast,” offer unique perspectives on family, royalty, and identity. “King Richard” portrays the early career of Venus and Serena Williams as seen through the eyes of their father, Richard Williams, played by Will Smith. “Spencer” takes a different royal approach, starring Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana over a three-day holiday weekend in 1991. “Belfast,” directed by Kenneth Branagh, is a semi-autobiographical film based on Branagh’s own childhood in Northern Ireland during The Troubles. With their varied themes and compelling stories, these three films are sure to captivate audiences with their distinct perspectives on family and personal struggles.

King Richard

Sports, Drama, Family film

In the film King Richard, Will Smith portrays Richard Williams. The father of the iconic tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams, at the onset of their careers. The film’s production extensively involved the Williams sisters to ensure an authentic portrayal of their father. Will Smith also committed to accurately depicting the father-daughter dynamic and expressed. “I knew I wanted to showcase a father protecting his daughter…to the world” at the film’s premiere.


Drama, Historical film, Historical fiction

Kristen Stewart portrays Princess Diana in Pablo Larraín’s Spencer. The drama unfolds during the Christmas holidays of 1991. When the British royal family stays at Sandringham. The Queen’s country retreat in Norfolk, over three days. Diana becomes aware of the disintegration of her marriage with Prince Charles and reflects on her life’s course. “A fable from a true story” is how director Larraín characterizes the film.


Drama, Family film, Comedy film

Belfast, Kenneth Branagh’s poignant semi-autobiographical drama, draws inspiration from his own childhood in Northern Ireland’s capital. The movie centers on Buddy, a 9-year-old boy, and his working-class Protestant family as they navigate The Troubles. Including the August 1969 riots where a group of Protestant loyalists attacked Catholics. Branagh, who was born in Belfast in 1960, also lived through being 9 years old in 1969, and like Buddy, his family relocated to England to escape the conflict.

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