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Get ready for a thrilling and diverse lineup of Top Films coming in 2022. From the captivating romance of “Lady Chatterley’s Lover 2022” to the sci-fi adventure of “Dreamland: A Storming Area 51 Story (2022)”. And the heartwarming drama of “The Wonder (2022)” to the hilarious holiday hijinks of “Merry Swissmas”. And the intense action of “Stray Bullet 2”, these films promise to offer something for everyone. Each of these movies showcases the creativity and vision of their respective filmmakers. Delivering engaging and thought-provoking storylines that will keep you on the edge of your seat. So, mark your calendars and get ready for a cinematic experience like no other in 2022.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover (2022)

Romance, Fiction, Erotic literature

Steamy’s new English adaptation of DH Lawrence’s classic is about an English lady who. Out of love with her husband, indulges in passion with a servant on his estate. This is Emma Corrin, who many Netflix viewers will know as Lady Di in The Crown.

Dreamland: A Storming Area 51 Story (2022)

Drama, Documentary  

As a good action hero, Momoa wants to balance explosion movies with family ones and bring out his comedic streak. His first great attempt is this adventure where his daughter will try to find him, lost in a crazy dreamland, and with the help of a monster.

The Wonder (2022) 

Drama, Thriller

Chilean filmmaker Sebastián Lelio adapts the novel by Emma Donoghue, set in Ireland in 1859. The story follows a nurse played by Florence Pugh who goes to a small town where a supposed miracle has occurred: a girl has survived three months without eating.

Merry Swissmas (2022)

Comedy, Drama, Romance 

Netflix is ​​going to release many Christmas movies this 2022. But the queen will undoubtedly be this one with a comeback as viral as Lindsay Lohan’s to family cinema. A cruel posh woman who loses her memory. A young widowed father who takes care of her. Christmas… We know it won’t be the movie of the year, but it will be the one for the holidays.

Stray Bullet 2 (2022)

 Mystery, thriller, Action

Action fans on Netflix know that the French, in addition to making good movies of those in which there is a lot of talks. Have managed to create their particular and effective action cinema. One of the best examples is The Lost Bullet. Two years later, the protagonists who survived the first installment form a new and troubled drug unit.

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