A Thriller Selection of Movies to Watch in 2022

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A Thriller Selection of Movies to Watch in 2022
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In 2022, the world of cinema offered a diverse range of thriller movies that explored different themes and genres. From the highly anticipated biopic “Blonde,” which delves into the life of legendary actress Marilyn Monroe, to the musical drama “Rainbow,” viewers were treated to an array of captivating films. “Do Revenge” tells the story of a woman seeking justice for her daughter’s death. While “No Limit” is a crime thriller that explores the dangerous world of illegal street racing. And in “I Came By,” a man returns to his hometown to confront his past and make amends. Each of these films offers a unique and thrilling viewing experience. Showcasing the vast range of storytelling that cinema has to offer.

Blonde (2022)

Romance, Drama, Adaptation

Blonde has come to Netflix with controversy, one that was not difficult to guess. It is not a biopic to use, nor is it the sweetening or politically correct vindication of her figure, nor is it the feminist plea that many expected. Blonde is an uncomfortable, divisive film that is not made for the easy enjoyment of fans of the blonde myth. Only Ana de Armas is undeniably gorgeous, the rest is at least the most daring movie on Netflix in a long time.

Rainbow (2022)

Drama, Romance

Paco León sits back in the director’s chair. This time he does it to direct Dora Postigo in a modern and personal version of the Wizard of Oz. Fantasy, musical, and color for what is expected to be a unique film. After a limited release in theaters, it has already arrived on Netflix to leave no one indifferent.

Do Revenge (2022)

Teen, Comedy, Drama

Two trendy girls like Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke star in this hit teen comedy about two very different girls. The popular one and the outcast, who form a deep friendship with one goal: revenge on their bullies.

No Limit (2022)

Drama, Romance

If there is something that French people are good at. Whether in auteur films or commercial bait like this, it is making complicated relationships sexy and dark, we would even say toxic. Here the protagonists are the handsome Camilla Rowe and César Domboy. Student and diving instructors who pay their particular tribute to what the French call, not for nothing, la petite mort.

I Came By (2022)

Thriller, crime 

After dropping his bombshell with ‘The Invisible Agent’ and waiting for the arrival of ‘Blonde’, Netflix has few powerful names on its billboard. The exception is this film that tops the number 1 movie on the platform. A thriller starring George MacKay about a graffiti artist who shakes the power elites.

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