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Horror Classics: Top 3 Movies
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Get ready for a spine-tingling adventure as we delve into the unsettling worlds of three horror classics: “Carnival of Souls” (1962), “Audition” (1999), and “The Fly” (1986). These are the top horror movies. In each of these films, we are taken on a journey through the dark and twisted minds of their characters. Exploring the depths of their fears and desires. From the eerie and surreal landscapes of “Carnival of Souls,” to the gruesome body horror of “The Fly,”. And the psychological terror of “Audition,” these movies will leave you on the edge of your seat and haunt you long after the credits roll. Let’s dive in and uncover the horrors that await us in these timeless classics.

Carnival of Souls (1962)

Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller

A woman who has just had a car accident arrives at an abandoned fair. A bit later, she begins to hear haunting and eerie music and see ghostly images.

Scariest moment: Every time we walk into the fair and see the man with the pale face. I’m sure he’s the same one who got into David Lynch’s brain .

 Audition (1999)

Thriller, Drama, Mystery

Japanese horror to the max. A widower organizes an audition for a fictional movie, when his real purpose is to choose his new wife among the girls who appear for the casting. One of the women ends up taking revenge and something else…

Scariest Moment: The anti-heroine’s creative and worthy use of a piano string.

 The Fly (1986)

Monster, Romance, Science fiction

Cronenberg uses an old-school monster movie premise: a scientist ( Jeff Goldblum ) goes too far in his experiments and ends up turning into a fly. Poetry and tragedy at the same time.

Scariest Moment: The moment Goldblum’s character realizes that he has lost all his humanity. He plays an amazing and pretty underrated role.

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