Terror from the Past: Exploring the Horrors in Movies

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Terror from the Past: Exploring the Horrors in Movies
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Step into the world of horrors with three unforgettable movies that will send shivers down your spine: “Eyes Without a Face” (1960), “Black Christmas” (1974), and “Cannibal Holocaust” (1980). These movies each offer a unique and terrifying experience that will leave a lasting impression on even the bravest horror fans. Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride through the world of horror with these three unforgettable movies. As each of them pushes the limits of what horror can achieve. From the haunting tale of a surgeon’s obsession with restoring his daughter’s face in “Eyes Without a Face” to the twisted story of a sorority house being terrorized by a deranged killer in “Black Christmas,” and the graphic and disturbing found footage horror of “Cannibal Holocaust.”

Eyes Without a Face (1960)

Science fiction, Fantasy, Thriller

In this classic horror film. A famously deranged surgeon abducts beautiful women and attempts to transplant their faces onto his daughter’s disfigured face.

Scariest Moment : Any moment in the first hour when we contemplate what’s under the creepy mask. Franju knew how to take advantage of the game that the masks give. Moreover The film inspired movies like Face to Face (Face / Off) to artists like Billy Idol.

Black Christmas (1974)

Slasher, Cult film, Mystery

The girls of a sorority are spending a winter vacation and begin to be harassed by a serial killer, who hunts them from one house to another.

Scariest Moment: The final reveal of who and where the real killer is.

Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Cannibal, Horror, Adventure

Although Cannibal Holocaust did not invent the genre about alleged films found after an attack. It was undoubtedly the spearhead of this famous film that was banned in many countries. Moreover It recovers the images of a documentary team that disappeared in the Amazon after encountering a cannibal tribe.

The images of violence in the film were so realistic that it was accused of actually killing the actors, which is not true. In any case, the image of the impaled woman can make you think otherwise.

*Note: The film has scenes of cruelty and death against animals, so we cannot recommend watching it. If you’re interested in seeing some pretty nasty stuff, go for it, but you’ve been warned.

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