Top 3 Travel Movies of Self-Discovery

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Top 3 Travel Movies of Self-Discovery
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Join us on a Top 3 Travel Movies of self-discovery. As we explore three movies that delve into the complexities of human relationships and the struggles of personal growth. First up is the classic anime “Akira” (1988). Which tells the story of two friends in a post Apocalyptic world who confront their own demons as they uncover a government conspiracy. Next, we have “The Fundamentals of Caring,” a heartwarming comedy-drama. About a man who becomes a caregiver for a disabled teenager and embarks on a life-changing road trip. And last but not least,”My Brother Chases Dinosaurs” follows a young boy who copes with his brother’s disability by imagining fantastical adventures. Ultimately learning important lessons about love and acceptance. These three films tackle themes of friendship, family, loss, and growth in unique and powerful ways, making for a captivating. And thought-provoking cinematic experience.

Akira (1988)

If you are a fan of anime, an essential “vintage” is Akira , by Katsuhiro Ōtomo from 1988, taken from the homonymous. Sci-fi/cyberpunk manga by the same author.  In 2019 Tokyo, following the end of the Third World War, the city is left in ruins. The megalopolis of Neo Tokyo faces a difficult recovery And violent gangs of teenagers roam. The streets despite police efforts to contain the threat. Among these gangs is the ruthless biker Tetsuo, who is captured by law enforcement and coerced into a dangerous political alliance.  Dark Blade Runner -style neon atmospheres; violence and pessimism as in the best Japanese manga of the genre. Akira is not a film that we could define as “perfect” today, But it is certainly a story that has opened the doors to many others, both at a plot and technical level.

The Fundamentals of Caring

Paul Rudd, Selena Gomez and Craig Roberts star in this indie classic ‘from the Sundance Film Festival’ – where it actually premiered in 2016 – based on the novel by Jonathan Evison. The film, which has only found distribution in our country thanks to Netflix, tells the story of a former writer (Paul Rudd) who, after a personal tragedy. Decides he wants to devote himself to others by being a carer. Following a brief training course, Ben meets his first client named Trevor. Trevor is a teenager who is both physically and emotionally paralyzed and never ventures outside his home. Taking advantage of the boy’s curiosity for a series of places he has become passionate about by watching the news.en organizes an unexpected road movie with him. Funny, moving, well-written and with a great cast, Selfless is one of those films to see even if you are no longer a teenager.

My Brother Chases Dinosaurs

Starring Alessandro Gassman, Isabella Ragonese, Francesco Gheghi and Lorenzo Sisto My Brother Chases Dinosaurs is based on the children’s classic of the same name (published by Einaudi) by Giacomo Mazzariol.  The story has the young Giacomo “Jack” as its protagonist. When his parents announce the arrival of a little brother for him. Who lives with two sisters who bully him, it can only be wonderful news. Giò was born with Down syndrome and if in childhood Jack considers him truly special as his family tells him. Growing up he comes to consider him too cumbersome a presence in his life. Fourteen-year-old Jack narrates the film. Recounting the story of Giò’s arrival in the family and the various phases of his relationship with his brother. Like the book, it is a sensitive and moving film: a story that every boy should discover.

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