Best Evergreen movies of Dark Thrills and Heroic Tales

Best Evergreen Movies
Best Evergreen Movies of Dark Thrills and Heroic Tales
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Prepare yourself for a best evergreen movies of thrilling journey . As we explore the realms of “The Menu” (2022) “Triangle of Sadness,” and “The Batman. These films are loaded with action, drama, and suspense that will undoubtedly keep you on the edge of your seat. From a satirical thriller about a luxurious restaurant that serves human flesh, to a dark comedy-drama. About the fashion industry, and a new take on the iconic DC superhero, these films promise to be unique and captivating cinematic experiences. So buckle up and prepare to be taken on a wild ride with these highly anticipated movies.

The Menu (2022 film)

Mark Mylod’s film ( Succession ) is undoubtedly one of the most original titles. Especially for the most demanding cinema palates – released this year. The movie features Anya Taylor Joy as the protagonist, Margot, who receives an invitation from her obsessive-gourmet boyfriend Taylor (Nicholas Hoult) to dine at a prestigious and isolated restaurant on a private island, run by chef Slowik (Ralph Fiennes). While Taylor indulges in every dish, Margot shows a lack of interest, which infuriates the chef. The temper of man, however, is only the spearhead of an extremely hostile place, between movie stars, financial stars and obsessed gastronomic connoisseurs. A situation that soon degenerates, revealing itself in all the terrible truth of him. You cannot afford to miss The Menu if you’re looking for a truly unique horror film with perfect storytelling and staging.

Triangle of Sadness

Looking for something wild and satirical? Look no further than Triangle of Sadness. The film invites us on a journey through the world of privilege, where the super-rich indulge in alcohol, gourmet food, and bizarre requests that are always granted with a “yes.” The journey begins aboard a luxurious cruise ship, where discussions about Marx add to the absurdity of the situation. Models Carl and Yaya join the guests on the boat. But after a tumultuous storm, they find themselves stranded on a desert island and must figure out how to survive. Ruthless and also for this reason very funny, Triangle of Sadness is culturally regenerating. In an overly feel good world, that of ferocity, of learning to take oneself less seriously, is still an excellent key to smiling. 

The Batman 

Matt Reeves brings the Batman evergreen movies character back to the cinema, showing his darkest and most controversial side. In the role of Bruce Wayne, called once again to fight crime in Gotham City with extreme violence. This time there is Robert Pattinson batman is the nightmare of Gotham’s criminals, in particular of the shrewd puzzler Paul Dano, brave as always. Who shows him the corrupt side of the city and brings him closer to the seductive Selina Kyle . Catwoman (Zoë Kravitz), with whom “the bat ” forge a mighty alliance. The Batman speaks of revenge and treads on the comic side of the DC Comics character after all losing in reality, but gaining in staging. Not everyone will like him.

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