The Best Action And Adventure Movies of 2022

ACTION and ADVENTURE Movies of 2022
The Best ACTION and ADVENTURE Movies of 2022
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Get ready to take to the skies with “Top Gun: Maverick,” as Tom Cruise returns to his iconic role as Maverick in this highly-anticipated sequel. But that’s not all – we also have the mysterious horror film “Nope,” directed by Jordan Peele, and the coming-of-age drama “Bones and All,” starring Timothée Chalamet and Taylor Russell. These three films offer a diverse range of genres and styles. ensuring there’s something for everyone. get ready to entertainment with the The Best Adventure and Action movies of 2022

Top Gun Maverick

We put it or we don’t put it, we put it or we don’t… we put it! Top Gun: Maverick earns a place in this end-of-year list because it could have turned out to be rubbish – we would have gone to the cinema anyway, right? – and instead, it was one of the funniest productions of the year. This bombastic and amazing film impressively features an aging Tom Cruise and is best enjoyed on the big screen. Despite bee delayed by two years due to Covid. the movie still managed to meet expectations. The story: Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, at 60, is still an officer in the service of the US Air Force. He could have become something more. but his passion for aircraft testing got the better of him. Amidst memories of an enviable past. Maverick is called to train a new air fleet ready to face a risky mission. 

Nope (2022)

Although it sometimes suffers from pride, Nope is an excellent work from Jordan Peele. who previously directed the highly meaningful horror films Get Out and Us. where he skillfully addressed issues of race. However, Nope is not a repeat of his previous films, and stands on its own as a unique work. Too devoted to his subtexts and to the filmic reworking of a genre. Peele has an exaggerated edge in wanting to do and say too much. Without the premises, Nope remains a giant film, which has a lot to show its audience.

After their father’s death under scientifically unjustifiable circumstances. two brothers, OJ and Emerald, inherit a ranch near Hollywood. Here, continuing the family business, the two train horses that they rent to nearby film studios. However, strange events begin to occur on the farm, which the brothers trace back to a hostile and lurking alien presence.  Horror, science fiction, westerns mix in a story that looks to the great masters of cinema. recounting the most classic of Hollywood plots. that of the American dream, but reworking it in a totally new and current way. 

Bones and All (2022)

Luca Guadagnino by now – in these parts we haven’t really loved his A Bigger Splash – he doesn’t miss a shot. With his Bones and All. presented at the last Venice International Film Festival, he confirms himself as one of the filmmakers who has the most to say on international soil. After their father’s death under scientifically unjustifiable circumstances, two brothers, OJ and Emerald, inherit a ranch near Hollywood. Left alone, she goes in search of her mother, on a journey through rural America. From Maryland to Nebraska, where she meets many vagabonds and marginalized like her, including Lee. With whom she begins a journey of growth, experimentation and acceptance. Guadagnino translates the concept of fear into an intense film that overwhelms and needs to be discovered.

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